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ACS, thanks to the experience of over 25 years in the field of handling and automation, designs and manufactures conveyors, inserted in logistics such as discos, textile industry, dry cleaning, show rooms, shops, exhibition stands, private apartments.
With vast experience accumulated over the years,  
ACS has developed a flexible product to such a degree that fits very well in small spaces.
The conveyor requires very little maintenance and is very easy to install. Having been designed with high quality materials  and with particular methods of construction, guarantees perfect operation over the years.
The conveyor is able to store hundreds of garments in very little space, reduces search times of the individual components, it can be operated by a single operator.
Built with various shapes and sizes provides maximum flexibility for storing clothes. May be linear, uphill, in the form of " I ", " L ", " U ", " T ", " X ", " Z ", in continuous, double, faired, in steel, of any color. It can solve any particular need.
It important to keep in mind the flexibility of the product that can be useful in any application.

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